Jet-Set Glam: Must-Have Travel-Friendly Makeup for Your Winter Getaway

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, many of us are gearing up for heartwarming gatherings and perhaps even a getaway. Whether you’re heading to a family feast or planning a quick escape, your makeup routine should be as ready to travel as you are. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essentials for achieving on-the-go glam without the fuss, allowing you to focus on creating memorable moments during your getaway. 

1. Streamlining Your Routine with Multipurpose Products

Consider packing multipurpose products that serve dual roles. A tinted moisturizer with SPF not only provides coverage but also protects your skin from the sun. Opt for a blush that can double as an eyeshadow to keep your makeup bag light and efficient. These versatile products ensure you have everything you need without the extra baggage. One of our favorite brands for that is Ilia!

Their sheer products can be used for lips and cheeks as well as eyes!

2. Compact Palette

Invest in a compact makeup palette that houses essentials like eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter in one sleek case. This eliminates the need for multiple products, saving space and ensuring you have everything you need for a complete look. Look for palettes with neutral tones that can transition seamlessly from day to night. For us, the Tarte palette stands out as one of the absolute best!

3. Travel-Size Brushes

Instead of lugging around your full-size brush collection, invest in travel-size brushes. These smaller versions maintain the precision you need while taking up minimal space. Many brands offer travel brush sets with all the essentials, ensuring your makeup application is flawless even when you’re on the move. A true gem in our collection is the Sephora brand!

4. Long-Lasting Lip Color so You Can Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Holidays are all about indulging in delicious meals. Choose a long-lasting lip color that won’t budge, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without constant touch-ups. Matte liquid lipsticks or lip stains are excellent choices for a durable and vibrant pout that can withstand the holiday feast. Kat Von D is  hands down one of our favorites!

5. Setting Spray

Keep your makeup in place throughout the day with a reliable setting spray. A few spritzes can help your look withstand any weather or activities, ensuring you stay flawless from morning to night. Look for setting sprays with hydrating properties to keep your skin refreshed during your travels. Our preferred choice is Urban Decay All Nighter!

6. Cleansing Wipes to Refresh On-the-Go

For quick makeup changes or post-travel refreshment, pack cleansing wipes. These handy wipes remove makeup efficiently and leave your skin feeling clean and ready for the next glamorous look. Choose wipes with nourishing ingredients to keep your skin radiant, even on the go. Our go-to brand is the Sephora exfoliating & cleansing wipes!

This Winter, focus on making memories rather than stressing over your makeup routine. With these travel-friendly essentials, achieving an effortlessly elegant look becomes second nature. Embrace the joy of the season, confident in the knowledge that your on-the-go glam perfectly complements your travel plans.

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Happy travels and Happy Holidays!

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